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Blue Light Motorcycle Club HUNGARY

“Live to ride but ride so that you can arrive home”

In the summer of 2007, three policemen who liked riding a motorbike – after breaking their short night motorbike-tour – were having a world-saving chat while sitting around in a bar at Szentendre, Hungary on the bank of the Danube River. Somebody raised up the idea of founding a motorcycle club for police officers who like riding a motorbike and who ride a motorcycle. They had to look for a simple, common respect which was the flashing blue light of the police patrol cars. So came about the name: “Blue Light Motorcycle Club”. The idea came immediately up: we should somehow do our share in decreasing the number of motorcycle related accidents in Hungary and in lessening the number of those motorcyclists who endanger the life and health of their own or other people by deliberately violating the regulations of the Highway Code. We believe that by setting a good example, participating in meetings and events, using our professional experience and organizing various programs in the future, we will be able to do our share in accident prevention. Our further goal is to ease the old conflicts of civilian motorcyclists with the Authorities. We hope that they would notice our humane side as well. Our motorcycle club was founded by 26 founding members on the 29th March, 2008 at Bösztörpuszta, Hungary. The goals of the club were also laid down in writing then. On 18th August, 2008 the Court of Bács-Kiskun County registered our club (the number of the decision was Pk. 60.085/2008/6.). We have already arranged events in this year when we had joint trips, held driver trainings and visited differently abled children and young persons. Our watchword is “Live to ride but ride so that you can arrive home” The outer shield of our emblem moulds the badges of the law enforcement organizations in the Republic of Hungary. On the graphic part you can see a knight sitting on a motorcycle and holding a §-signed shield. Our name “Blue Light Motorcycle Club” is written on the red stripe and on the gray background in blue color. In the lower green field, you can see the inscription “Hungary” and “2008”, the year of foundation. The 26 golden stars symbolize the founding members and the Hungarian tricolor (red, white, green) symbolizes the Republic of Hungary




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